HeartLine of Atlanta's venue caters for everything you need for great events and more

Enjoy your tour of our

brand new, beautiful facility

The Grace

Conference Room

216 sq. ft.
TV, 4 In-Ceiling Speakers, 2 Internet Connections for Presentations

The Emma VIP


516 sq. ft.
Personal Bar, 2 TVs
 DJ Connection
2 Speakers

The Bryce Hall

1,400 sq. ft.
Warehouse 18’ Ceilings 15x11’ Bar, Projector
Stage & DJ Booth
Camcorder, 1 Speaker

The Preston Hall

1,200 sq. ft.
Middle Room
DJ Connection
2 Speakers & Removable Bar

The Lobby

Spacious Lobby with Booth and VIP
Reception Area

The Kitchen

25 cu. ft. Fridge
2 Commercial Microwaves
Ice Machine, Food Warmer Sink